Thank you for visiting the website of Seymour Results, Dr. Elizabeth Seymour, MD, of Denton, TX. Within our website, Denton, and surrounding areas; residents will find all types of health and wellness related information including information about our functional medicine office and services: thyroid care, diabetes, stress hormones, and much more.

You’ll hear many descriptive terms for Functional medicine including, integrative, natural, holistic, anti-aging, etc.  Functional medicine is a science-based personalized healthcare approach that assess and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.  Dr. Seymour is currently a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine that is in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

Don’t Go to Bed Angry

Do you suffer with stress? Do you also suffer with insomnia? Well then, today’s blog is for you. If you go to bed angry, you surely will not sleep well. Don’t be amazed if you [...]

Choosing Better Snacks

Are you a junk food junkie? Today, I would like to teach you, those who are hooked on junk food about making better choices. This will help you lose weight. See the bowl of fruit [...]


It goes without saying that arthritis is a painful condition. Today’s blog is about chronic pain due to arthritis. It’s not just the elderly that suffer with this condition. Nerve damage, trauma, or other existing [...]