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You’ll hear many descriptive terms for Functional medicine including, integrative, natural, holistic, anti-aging, etc.  Functional medicine is a science-based personalized healthcare approach that assess and treats underlying causes of illness through individually tailored therapies to restore health and improve function.  Dr. Seymour is currently a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine that is in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic.

The Big Five Stress Agents

You need to know that most of the fault for any failures you might be having comes at the hands of the BIG FIVE STRESS AGENTS: 1. Big Myth – Poor information that continues to [...]

Chronic Fatigue: More than Just Being Tired

If you’ve ever known anyone who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you know that the disease is characterized by much more than just exhaustion. Chronic Fatigue feels like a never ending attack of [...]

Be Honest

Hello everyone, this is your team of natural integrative health specialists at Seymour Results Wellness, encouraging you to be honest about your weight problem. To create a change in your body, our health or our [...]