Continuing Education

We believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you can be and live. Just like the doctors and staff of Denton Wellness Center attend classes and study to build upon our knowledge base and ability to help others, we want our patients to do the same. That is why we offer various classes (educational, encouraging, and fun) to our patients. We do this because it is the best way to learn, have fun, and improve your wellness experience and lifestyle.

Wellness and Hormone Classes

We provide expertise and life long study on health and wellness to any and all listeners. You are more than welcome to attend one of our workshops, and we greatly encourage you to refer your family, friends, co-workers and anyone to our workshops. Our goal is to reach and help as many people as possible. These informative and fun workshops help to dispel myths, provide education and give hope to those with health and wellness problems. Ask our front desk when the class will be held.

Supplement Protocol Classes

We outline and teach various subjects including adrenal fatigue, gastro-intestinal dysfunction, female/male hormone imbalance, metabolism enhancement, workout theory. These classes are for treating patients and their families. They are held at designated times and dates. The atmosphere is fun and informal with the emphasis on patient education to provide the most out of your Seymour Results Program.

Seymour Results Program

We will help unleash your personal wellness potential by following simple, self-care practices. Today, responsible people of all ages are getting the benefits of stress control they couldn’t even begin to achieve with conventional “sickness care” or outdated lifestyle advice. Indeed, our wellness curriculum has changes thousands of skeptics into life-long wellness enthusiasts. They finally have concrete, satisfying results to show for their earnest efforts at gaining a greater quality of life.